Terri Shank Public Relations

Integrated Marketing Communications

Whether you have a new idea, a better product or you have recently perfected your own position or brand, the challenge typically is:

How do you get your message out -- with impact -- where it matters?

Terri believes that each organization has its own challenges, points of differentiation, unique benefits and value. She works as a partner with you to define and communicate the strengths you bring to each audience strategically and effectively.

Terri has years of experience increasing mindshare and credibility, reaching new and existing audiences and building supportive internal and external alliances to maximize your bottom line.

Having been on the client side, Terri understands the value of working efficiently. Unlike many of the large top public relations firms, she can tailor services and resources so you comfortably work within your budget. Based on your priorities, she recommends the best strategies to reach and exceed your goals. Once you reach agreement, Terri works in a 'hit the ground running' mode to make an impact where it matters most for you.

I place Terri in the top 1% of PR professionals. Her vast industry expertise creates an environment for smooth interviews and TV reports. Her guests are always knowledgeable and she shows up prepared with creative suggestions. She understands media relations. That's why I trust Terri.

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