Ashley Olson--Publicist, Hillcrest Media

I worked with Terri on a book PR campaign that my company needed immediate help with. Not only is Terri one of the most flexible, good-at-everything publicist I've met, but she was willing to jump right in. She is a real pro, working hard to get the maximum results. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat!

Craig Boxx--Executive Director, GolinHarris

I recently enlisted Terri's help as an extension of my media relations teams. Her prowess in pitching media and helping to craft strong story angles delivered solid results every time. She's also excellent at making an efficient use of her allotted hours on projects. I would work with her again and recommend her to others looking for a solid media relations professional who can help get the job done.

Bill Moller--WGN Radio

I know several people who worked with Terri. The common theme is that she has a honed and astute sense of how to pick just the right media channels to best serve a client. In conversation with her you can tell she's developed a lot of sharp instincts and intuition about the PR industry that many of those new to the business are years away from having. Terri is First in Class.

Traci Renner--Senior Vice President, Golin Harris

Terri is a tremendous media relations asset to have on any team. She is a go-getter, always identifying new approaches and never hesitates to ask probing questions. I've worked with Terri on multiple media relations projects and wouldn't hesitate to have her part of the team again.

Ellen Warren--Senior Correspondent, Chicago Tribune

The feature is all due to your continuing efforts to call the product to my attention so...get your client to give you a raise!

Angela Miles--Anchor/Managing Editor, First Business News (Nationally Syndicated)

I place Terri Shank in the top 1% of Public Relations professionals. I have worked with Terri while she was with Orbitz as well as when working as an independent consultant. On all occasions Terri's vast industry expertise created an environment for smooth interviews and TV reports. Her guests are always knowledgeable and Terri shows up prepared with creative suggestions. Terri Shank understands the number one rule in media relations: don't pitch what you can't provide. That's why I trust Terri.

Eleanor (Elly) Wallin--Director/Vice President, GolinHarris

Terri is a 'roll up your sleeves and get it done' professional and is always there to dive in when you need her most. I've often had to pull Terri in to help with emergency outreach to media, and she is a fast learner providing input on strategy and counsel on approach. Terri can switch gears fast too. She is honest in her approach and thorough with her results reporting. We'll work with Terri whenever we can to get solid media results. She always makes us shine.

Ann Balsamo--Vice President, Weber Shandwick

Terri is a go-to gal for media pitching. She knows how to pitch reporters and editors, has great relationships, and gets it done. I engaged her for a number of pitches and also recommended her to other agencies. She's solid and gets it done and can work a variety of consumer industry segments. A very good arrow to have in your media pitching quiver!

Cheryl Zatz--Past Vice President Marketing, The Popcorn Factory

I highly recommend working with Terri as your PR source for any size company. She is innovative, resourceful and seeks creative ways to secure the most PR opportunities within the allocated budget. Terri not only has established contacts, but she's also efficient in making the right connections. Her ability to integrate PR as part of the larger marketing plan using television, radio, social media and print, transpired into highly effective programs that delivered results for us. She also was attentive in preparing us for every interview. While at The Popcorn Factory, Terri identified and secured opportunities that we never realized were attainable. She also designed a program that gave us our entrée into social media on YouTube, on websites and in blogs. I would not hesitate to engage Terri in future PR opportunities that arise!

Geoff Silvers--President/CEO, Viva Voyage

Terri Shank always gives you 110%. She is extremely creative and very well connected. She delivered excellent results when I worked with her at Orbitz. However, the real results were when I saw her ability to deliver extensive media exposure for my company, Viva Voyage. Terri doesn't accept no. She always finds a way to make it happen. Her creative approach makes difficult challenges seem easy.

Les Melnick--CEO, Gordon's Ace Hardware Stores

Terri was instrumental in securing media coverage for our national brand. I was grateful that, in the process, she was able to showcase our store. Later, she created a partnership with other companies and was able to feature our merchandise on major local TV stations. We love working with Terri because she takes great care to make sure everything goes well. All we have to do is show up. I recommend working with her because she has brought us to a higher professional level.

Chris Simpler--President, Shoreline Towers Condominium Association

Our condominium association experienced negative publicity that mushroomed from local to international coverage. We hired Terri to help rebuild our image. She helped us define our story and created messaging that resonated with both our residents and the court of public opinion. Terri helped turn the tide from negative to neutral publicity and ensure we got appropriate coverage in print, TV and online media.

During the process of working with her, our association created an innovative program to protect property values and overcome failings of IL condo law. Terri was instrumental in helping us message this internally and across the country, bringing positive attention to our building and triggering many important conversations in the condo law community.

She was delightful to work with and involved in every step of the process, from sourcing media (Fox Business News, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, etc.) to personally making sure the people representing us were able to present themselves intelligently and accurately. Terri is a real professional.

Pamela de Varela--President, Interior Tectonics, LLC

Terri's professionalism and knowledge have been most impressive to us. She was highly successful in obtaining maximum exposure in a very short period of time. We feel that she was the ideal choice for representing us to the various media outlets. She secured the exposure we needed to educate viewers about our product. We look forward to working with her again, as I know her efforts will be as successful and more than meet our expectations. I highly recommend working with Terri Shank.